Welcome to my blog. I enjoy cooking, baking, dancing and raising my sons.

Almost a Year and Not So Much Blogging

So, it’s almost been a year and this page has remained fairly… unblogged.

That’s ok, pretty sure no one’s here to miss me. But, if someone does stumble upon this blog, a lot has changed this year! Part of that is why I stopped, part of it was just laziness but part was due to the planning (through IVF) and arrival of my second son (CR 2018). CR joins CJ (2014) in the wonderful adventures that comprise our life.

I’m giving some thought to my goals for this site. I think it will remain that I’d like to focus efforts on cooking/baking, with relevance to video games when possible. As always, I promise to let each recipe have it’s own page that will be linked from the blog. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s sites where you have to read through how I enjoyed the atmosphere at the apple picking festival before getting the recipe for the yummy pie. You want the pie recipe, it’ll be there, blog free on it’s own page.

I should write down my pie recipe…

Anyways, I’d like to use the blog portion as a blog; life, cooking, video games. The recipe portion will be a collection of tried recipes that is added to my family book. As for some type of cohesive brand, there won’t be one. I’m not going to try. If you’re here and you’re reading what I have to say, awesome! Welcome! Enjoy your stay.

In the random situation where anything monetary comes from being here for me, cool. But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to write about things that interest me, to have a voice that’s different than what I normally project.

Now, the good news in terms of actually showing up and blogging. I bought myself a new phone this year, it’s the Samsung S9+ and I love it. It’s too large for my hand, I don’t care. It has tons of room and for the first time in a long time, I can focus on having apps I want AND pictures/videos of my children and cooking. So, my goal is once a week writing. I do more, awesome. I do less (it’s likely) well, sorry.

If you’ve endured this rambling, here’s a few things that’ve been on my mind recently:

  1. Bullet Journaling- I’ve been watching Matt Ragland’s videos on Ryder Carrol’s Method, I want that book. I also am excited to receive my Archer and Olive Journal.

  2. 12in12 video gaming- I’d love to talk about the games I play here. Expect more of this.

  3. Arduino- I’d like to get back into learning coding and working on the physical components.

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