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Little Hill with Horns

This weekend I tried to make an Avatar: The Last Airbender inspired cake for 52WeeksofBaking. It was a bit of a fail. 

i promised I would post fails as much as triumph, so here’s some previews.


First, the gang picture for reference. I was going for colors of the four nations and was planning on covering the top with white homemade fondant with an arrow as well as some chocolate drawings of the four nations. 



The cake itself mostly worked out, I used a basic yellow cake recipe with a hint of lemon. But the execution of the cake was... messy. I’m sure you can see the imperfections in the bake from that picture.  

Sucking at Blogging, Rocking at Cooking

Sucking at Blogging, Rocking at Cooking

On 2018 Challenges

On 2018 Challenges